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Our Story

Welcome to Mulesa, where the path to sustainability is paved with style, innovation, and a touch of whimsy! Born from the visionary minds of three eco-warriors – Galina the Innovator, Tanya our Tech-Savvy CEO, and Carrie, the Creative Heart – Mulesa isn’t just a shoe brand. It’s a movement, a modular marvel, a testament to the beauty of circular fashion.

Galina, with her inventive spirit, has revolutionized the way we think about shoe design, introducing the world to detachable charms that transform a single pair of shoes into a versatile closet staple. Tanya, our environmentally-obsessed CEO, leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure that our footprint on the planet is as light as a feather, pushing the envelope of what it means to be a sustainable brand. And Carrie, oh, our stylish Creative Director, she blends timeless elegance with a dash of daring, ensuring our designs are not just eco-friendly but dripping with panache.

At Mulesa, our obsession with elegant, timeless style is equalled only by our commitment to circularity. We’re crafting a future where fashion is fun, functional, and kind to Mother Earth. Our modular shoes are designed for those who don’t just walk the earth but cherish and nurture it with every step. So, lace up, clip on, and step into a world where style and sustainability dance in perfect harmony. Welcome to our quirky, fun, nature-loving adventure. Welcome to Mulesa!

Why Mulesa as a brand name?

Tanya fell the victim into having her last name sounding way too much like a shoe name – a Mule…. and she is also stubborn like one. So, Galina and Tanya sat together and thought – there couldn’t be a more suitable name for a shoe brand than Tanya’s last name: a stubborn shoe refusing to compromise style for sustainability. So, there we have a name.

As far as our innovation is concerned, we named it a Yatsura resolve – after Galina’s imaginative creative solutions for our shoes.


The fashion industry is arguably the second most
polluting industry in the world.

At Mulesa Shoes we are on a mission to build zero-waste fashion practice. Join us.







Our design and business model help to Reduce the number of shoes that women need and the amount of pollution these shoes generate. We run our operations on renewable energy, we use upcycled virgin waste to manufacture our accessories, as well as biodegradable packaging.


We help to Regenerate oxygen resources used in our supply chain by planting a tree for every pair of shoes we produce. For this, we partnered with WeForest organization, who employ women in disadvantaged farming communities in Zambia to plant and look after tropical trees. Planted in the tropics, the trees collect carbon emissions and give out oxygen throughout the entire year.


We encourage the Repair of shoes half-way through their lives. Just:
1. Scan the shoes Digital Product Passport – a QR code provided with the box and your purchase receipt.
2. Register the shoes on CICON.
3. Click Care, Clean or Repair and book the most suitable care product, cleaner or repairer near you.
For any questions, feel free to email at


We incentivize the Recycling of the shoes at the end of their lifespan. If you think that your shoes can no longer be repaired, or you simply need a new pair, we will give you a 20% discount on the new pair of Mulesas in exchange for your old shoes. Our partner organization Soex will either recycle them for fibers or will send them to the pre-loved market if deemed still wearable.